What is the time difference in Vietnam?

Vietnam is fifteen hours ahead of Los Angeles, twelve hours ahead of New York and seven hours ahead of London, one hour behind Perth and three hours behind Sydney (give or take an hour during daylight saving time).

Should I bargain for everything?

What sort of souvenirs are available to bring home?

Do the night clubs and bars open late at night?

Do people still speak French in Vietnam?

Can I buy antiques in Vietnam?

Are there Internet facilities in Vietnam?

Is the postal system reliable in Vietnam? How about other forms of communication?

Is language a problem in Vietnam, or can I get by in English?

How can I take large items home with me – furniture or paintings, for example?

Who is my guide?

We know that tourist guides play an important part in the success of the trip. Therefore, any guides who are seriously selected are open-minded, qualified and enthusiastic young people who can accommodate your travel needs and provide you – the travelers, with first-hand knowledge of local history and culture. They are also curious about foreign culture and are keen to engage in cultural exchange with visitors. We always use positive feedback from our clients as a measure to assess the ability and effectiveness of the guides’ performance.

How fit do I have to be?

Don’t be worried about your personal health or any relating problem. It’s our aim to provide tours for all ages and tastes, thus, helping you to choose a suitable trip. There exist a wide range of tours from easy touring to physical challenges.

If you are not sure about your decision, please see some vacation ideas which will inspire and help you search your suitable tours. We take pride in tailor made holidays and are able to come up with interesting programs.

What level of comfort can I expect?

What should I pack when traveling to the Vietnam?

What should I do to book your services in advance?

How can I rely on the quality of the tours that I buy from Red Gecko Travel?

Will I be traveling on a private tour or in a group?

How will I receive my travel documents?

Can I travel freely in Vietnam?

Yes, you can travel freely in Vietnam. There’s some sensible places (near the border) you need to apply for permission before visiting. You had better contact our office for any instruction, or you can book part of the services through our company like car rental or hotel.The other you can pay by your self. But please be aware of that you are free to do what Vietnamese law allows.

What is the meaning of “Vietnam travel agents / Travel agency”?

Vietnam travel agency is a business that sells travel related products and services, particularly package tours, to end-user customers on behalf of third party travel suppliers, such as airlines, hotels, tour companies / tour operators, and cruise lines.

There are now lots of travel agents in Vietnam. They are selling tours or package tours for other travel companies. You can find many Vietnam travel agents online, whether they are based in Vietnam or overseas travel agents selling tours for Vietnamese tour companies.