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Sapa’s Most Favorite Places

After being discovered, Sapa has become an attractive tourist destination. Over the past century, Sapa has been increasingly attracting tourists. Sapa carries various mysteries that humans have not found out. Here is the list of tourist attractions in Sapa that are considered Sapa’s most favorite places. Sapa Stone Church Sapa Stone Church is located in the

Unusual places to visit while in Vietnam

Vietnam is known as the wonderful and attractive country in Southeast Asia with unforgettable destinations and imposing activities. It is the reason why there are a lot of tourists wanting to choose the country for traveling. Besides popular and famous destinations for traveling, the post will introduce Vietnam unusual place to visit for you. 1

Top Trekking Places In Vietnam

Sapa, Cao Bang, Mai Chau, Cat Ba island, Ba Be lake, Pu Luong trekking places, … are listed as top trekking places in Vietnam. With rich mountainous terrain, Vietnam has many challenging trekking paths for trekkers to conquer and explore. The following are the most beautiful trekking spots in Vietnam. Sapa Situated in Lao Cai

Best Time To Visit Sapa To Enjoy Its True Beauty

“Which months are the best time to visit Sapa?” is the frequent question for tourists who are planning to travel this beautiful touristy place. This destination is well-known for its cool climate and many breathtaking natural landscapes. Tourists can travel to Sapa at any time of the year but the period from March to May

Most Famous Historical War Sites In Vietnam

Vietnam has been known as the country with long history and diverse cultures. If you are keen on the Vietnamese history, you can read this article to obtain more knowledge of famous historical war sites in Vietnam including Cu Chi tunnels, Long Bien bridge and Ho Chi Minh trail. Cu Chi tunnels This is one

In Hanoi, these are where most animated activities take place

Hanoi is an amazing destination in Vietnam with a lot of wonderful places for traveling and attractive things for enjoying. Therefore, the post will introduce where animated activities take place in Hanoi. In the last days of the day, the person must be set to the light and move to the living of the night.

Travel Alone To Pu Luong With Few Basic Guides

Pu Luong (Thanh Hoa province, Vietnam) is a new tourist attraction listed in the tourist maps of backpackers. It will be easy to travel alone to Pu Luong with few basic guides in below. Travelers were deeply impressed by the pristine natural beauty of Pu Luong, especially immense terraced rice fields and primary forest. Moreover,

Red Gecko – Where You Can Book Vietnamese Tour With Low Cost

Vietnam is the beautiful country with a range of beauty spots and unique cultures. As a result, quite a few people desire to take a tour (for example, Sapa tour, Quang Binh tour and Northern package) to explore this land to learn more about the people and the cultures. In reality, there are a lot

The most common mistakes that foreigners do in Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful and peaceful country in Southeast Asia. The country attracted a lot of tourists visiting each year. However, when visiting the country, if you do not know tips for traveling or common mistakes. Therefore, you should spend the time to read the post to know more information. 1 Passing road In order

Why do Vietnamese afraid of sunlight and the historical beauty standard behind it

Many travelers who have come to Vietnam often wonder one question that why do Vietnamese afraid of sunlight or why do they have to wear long-sleeves or coats to protect them from the sun. There are two main reasons that drive Vietnamese to do so The first reason is: Avoiding the burning BBQ and skin