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Best Time To Visit Sapa To Enjoy Its True Beauty

“Which months are the best time to visit Sapa?” is the frequent question for tourists who are planning to travel this beautiful touristy place. This destination is well-known for its cool climate and many breathtaking natural landscapes. Tourists can travel to Sapa at any time of the year but the period from March to May

Why do Vietnamese afraid of sunlight and the historical beauty standard behind it

Many travelers who have come to Vietnam often wonder one question that why do Vietnamese afraid of sunlight or why do they have to wear long-sleeves or coats to protect them from the sun. There are two main reasons that drive Vietnamese to do so The first reason is: Avoiding the burning BBQ and skin

Few Basic Vietnamese Words To Communicate With The Locals

One of the challenging for almost first-time travelers when coming to Vietnam is communicating with the locals. It could be nice to be all smiley and friendly to the local people. In addition, knowing some basic Vietnamese words or Vietnamese phrases could help visitors get more interesting experience when traveling this country. For referring, this

Vietnam With Numerous Ethnic Groups And The Beauty Of Their Cultures

Vietnam has 54 ethnic groups and each of them owns its distinctive cultures. In the article below, the readers will be given more knowledge of some of the typical cultures of ethnic groups in Vietnam, for example, “wife catching” custom, “stealing for luck” on New Year’s Even, “husband catching” custom, “Wedding market” and “Fire jumping”.

The symbolic historical sites during Vietnam Wars

What are the symbolic historical sites of Vietnam Wars is always the best concerning and question of foreign tourists when visiting Vietnam. However, in fact, Vietnamese people really love historical places and always want to introduce to all foreign friends. Therefore, the post will show the best historical beauty in Vietnam. 1 Cu Chi Tunnels

List Of What The Festivals For Foreigners Can Joy In Sapa

Sapa attracts a significant number of foreign tourists because of not only breathtaking natural beauty, unique dishes or terraced rice fields but also special festivals bearing various traditional features of the ethnic groups living here. Following are some festivals for foreigners in Sapa. Roong Pooc festival (Going to the field festival) of Tay and Yao

Food Suggestions While in Vietnam

The discovery of Vietnamese cuisine is often included in the trip to Vietnam. The food in each region of Vietnam brings its own characteristic features. The article below is several food suggestions while in Vietnam particularly, in the Northern Vietnam, the Central Vietnam and the Southern Vietnam. While traveling in the north Phở cuốn in

Most Renowned Special Food In Sapa

In the journey to explore Sapa, besides admiring the impressive scenery and breathe fresh atmosphere, you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy the Sapa food. Following are some of the Sapa specialties including thịt lợn cắp nách (carry-under-arm pig), thịt gừng (ginger meat), gỏi cá hồi (salmon salad), thắng cố (simmered horse meat and

The Special Things In Vietnam That You Cannot Find It Anywhere Else

Viet Nam is a beautiful country located in Southeast Asia. It is well-known for not only charming natural beauty but its diverse cultural identity that travelers cannot find it anywhere else. If travelers are finding a place to learn about cultural values, taste delicious foods and experience an Oriental lifestyle, the special things in Vietnam

What Is The Mai Chau Weather Throughout The Year

In order to enjoy the pristine beauty of the Northwest Vietnam, Mai Chau is an ideal choice for tourists. This beautiful place owns a harmonious natural beauty that make travelers feel comfortable and pleasant. The simplicity of rural scenery with terraced fields, fresh atmosphere and the hospitable local people in Mai Chau are the attractive